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Personal Injury

Our parents were elderly and enjoying their retirement when their world was dramatically changed by a car accident. An uninsured motorist hit them. We received many letters from "ambulance chasers", all generically asking for their business. We went with a friend's recommendation and hired Bill Bianco. Bill not only maximized the money our parents recovered, but he did so with compassion and understanding. He even made hospital visits and home visits.

Bill navigates Medicare requirements and insurance company regulations. He helped us understand every step we needed to take to help our parents. Without Bill's help the medical bills and stress would have been too much for our parents and us to handle.

Chris Connor, Michele Connor

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General Law

This review is easy to write because of the excellent service I received from Bianco Stroh LLC. It was evident from the beginning that this law firm takes pride in establishing relationships instead of “one and done” clients. One example is the bending over backwards of Attorney Bianco to accommodate my schedule by offering to meet with me on a Saturday. Let me be the best of my knowledge the firm isn’t open on the weekend BUT he opened the practice because my schedule didn’t allow meeting during the week. This small gesture spoke volumes about the caring, customer service, and accommodating nature of the law firm.

Attorney Bianco is a cerebral guy, yet he doesn’t have the typical “I’m smarter than you” arrogance of most attorneys you may have heard about or encountered. The initial meeting was spent getting to know me and the reason for my visit. I never felt rushed nor did I feel as if he was “running up the clock”. The initial meeting and every correspondence thereafter was about meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations. Even when I forgot to return his emails and/or phone calls, and there were many, he continued to call and follow-up.

Billing was as expected with no hidden costs or fees. I always received timely billing statements and smiled whenever there was a “zero due”. Why did I smile? Because this law firm doesn’t nickel and dime their clients. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone looking for honesty, integrity, and professionalism in a law firm.

Steve Chapman

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Business Law, Non-Profit

Bianco Law provided excellent assistance with our legal filing requirements when we created Sailing Heals in the summer of 2011. Bill Bianco and his staff not only showed a personal and enthusiastic interest in our non-profit’s mission but they were very informed and efficient from a professional stand-point. I would highly recommend Bianco Law for anyone who has general legal needs as well as for non-profit work.

Trisha Boisvert, CEO, Sailing Heals

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Professor Bianco,
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed taking your class this semester. I am thankful and appreciative to have had a professor like you. Having done mock trial at Duchesne, I really appreciated learning from the lawyers who were our coaches and having you as a professor was no different. Your real-life examples related to so much of the material—which not only made studying easier but also contributed to my real-world knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to teach at Creighton because Creighton needs more professors like you.

Elizabeth B.

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Family Law

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you again for the time you took out of your morning to speak with my children and answer their questions a few weeks ago. I felt the way you shared the information and educated them on the process helped them gain a better understanding and how it can affect all of us. Both kids were so unsure about coming in to meet with you and the way you spoke to them and put them at ease was amazing. They felt comfortable enough to ask questions and trusted the facts that you shared with them (even though they were half awake). My son was very impressed by you offering your card and stating if he or his sister had questions that they could call or email you.

On our drive back home after the meeting my son said to me that he felt it was about time he formed his own opinions rather than base them on his dad’s opinions and the experience showed him that. Since our meeting my son has had a complete change of attitude and for your part in this I am so very grateful.

As of now I have not been served with any papers or heard back regarding mediation. I hope that I will not have to move forward through the court system with my ex-husband but if that is the route we go – I trust you will lead me in the right direction.

I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone in need of an attorney and I have also shared my positive feedback with our corporate employee relations department.


Shannon Gernandt

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Business Law

At certain times during my professional career, I have called upon Bianco Law for professional advice and legal work and the firm has always proven to be very effective and efficient with their counsel and follow up. Beyond that, I would say Bill Bianco himself shows a great deal of personal concern for his clients and the community he serves, as well as showing great concern and support for other communities outside of the eastern Nebraska area. His commitment to youth and fostering excellent, accessible education opportunities in the legal field is also admirable. In my experience, Bill is of very high ethical character and extremely respected in the community.

Michele Gallagher, Luxury Goods Marketing/PR Professional, New York City

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Family Law, General Law

Bill Bianco is fair, honest and excellent to work with. I highly recommend, worked with him for years.

Elizabeth Hall

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Estate Planning

Everyone thinks that relatives will not fight after a death, but that is not how it always works. My grandmother passed away several years ago and my uncle was trying to void her will and trust. His brother, my father, passed away before my grandmother did and my uncle thought I should not be the beneficiary as stated in the will and trust. Fortunately, I was referred to Bill and he won my case at every level, including the Nebraska Supreme Court.

I highly recommend Bill for probate and estate planning. Knowing a good attorney, like Bill, is one of the best insurance policies a person can have.