How to Drain the Swamp

In the last presidential election, one of the rallying points for voters was President Trump’s desire to “drain the swamp.” The “swamp” is a metaphor for the bureaucracy of the federal government and the special interests that control our laws. President Trump never said how this goal would be accomplished, but one thing for sure is he has failed to use the one true vehicle to accomplish this goal — the United States Tax Code.

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Bend the Knee

Due to the popular show Game of Thrones, the term “bend the knee” has made its way into public conversations. In the HBO show, the term is basically a submission and a pledge of loyalty to a king or queen. In the real world, the term “bend the knee” has also taken on new significance over the last year. Even if you are not a football fan you probably heard about professional football players kneeling during the National Anthem, which is played before a game is started.

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